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Athletic Injury & Recovery Assesment

  Benefits of Adding PSA to Your Rehab Process
Eliminate Inactivity
Re-Learn Body Control
Uncover Underlying Cause
Reduce re-entry anxiety
Works in conjunction with physical therapy
You Can Achieve Results Far Surpassing Even Pre-Injury Status!
Physical Therapists often question how to handle patients who have reached insurance caps or completely lack medical coverage. They frequently prescribe take home programs hoping patients complete them on their own.
However, these exercises must be performed properly & progressively to reach normal function and prevent re-injury. Many post therapy athletes are likely ready for daily activity not sports. 

Sports participation is an extreme function thus a return to athletics is very risky if athletes are not properly prepared & trained beyond traditional Physical Therapy.  


    Under Antonio Davis' guidance, most sports injuries such as ankle sprains, ACL tears & muscle pulls can be improved, protected and isolated while training other body parts and systems. 

    • Video Motor Assessment During Evaluation
    • Pin Point Structural Cause(s) Leading to Injury
    • Athletes Welcome to Join Wearing Casts, Knee Braces
    • Mental Toughness and Confidence Training
    • Injury Recovery In Support Of Physical Therapy
    • Healing Specific Sports Nutrition
    • Identify & Eliminate Compensations Created by Injury 


    Premiere Sports Academy Is The Solution Bridging The Gap Between Physical Therapy & Superior Athletic Participation.

    • How secure is the Therapist in the FULL recovery upon therapy expiration?
    • How secure is the Surgeon in the FULL recovery upon therapy expiration?
    • How secure is the Athlete in FULL recovery upon physical therapy expiration
    • What was the underlying cause of the injury? Was it corrected?

    Not sure? Many athletes return to practice not only insecure in their recovery are dangerously de-conditioned from extended periods of limited activity. This is a tremendous hill to climb and without Premiere Sports Academy athletes can find themselves sidelined again with either the same injury or a new one.


    Antonio Davis has successfully helped hundreds of injured athlete achieve levels of athletic achievement far surpassing even pre-injury status.

    •  Athletes return to sports injury free
    •  Athletes return in superior physical condition
    •  Athletes return 100% secure in their recovery
    •  Athletes return with minimal to no residual compensatory imbalances
    •  Athletes have minimal dependency on braces or external supports

    Since Coach Davis began his career in a top physical therapy clinic; he translates many confusing terms, diagnosis and will communicate with all medical professions in conjuction with the athlete's treatment via progress reports.

    Antonio Davis' 360 degree approach to athletic rehabilitation has helped him build the one strongest and leading medical network to help athletes along every step of their recovery.

    •  Board Certified and Nationally Ranked Orthopedic Surgeons
    •  Nationally Ranked Youth Medical Facilities
    •  Nationally Renowned Physical Therapists  
    •  Industry Leading Massage Therapists
    •  Industry Leading Registered Dietitians

    Birds of a feather tend to flock together, the PSA professional network is unmatched in quality from all angles. 

    Your recovery can start today! Either in conjunction with or post therapy, Antonio Davis' expertise has helped hundreds of people recover from the following injuries and conditions:

    •        ACL Tears (Pre and Post Operative)
    •        Stress Fractures
    •        Ankle Sprains
    •        Osgood Slaughters
    •        Tendonitis (Patellar, Achilles & More)
    •          Pulled or Strained Muscles
    •        Joint Replacements
    •        Rotator Cuff & Shoulder
    •        Plantar Fasciitis
    •        Avascular Necrosis
    •        Osteoporosis
    •        Multiple Sclerosis
    •        Cervical & Lumbar Spondylitis
    •        Shin Splints

    Don't give up even if others have given up on you. Talk to me personally for a no nonsense, no obligation,  Video Injury Evaluation followed by expert, solid advice on a proven recovery plan.

    You CAN get back in the game and play better than you did before your injury.   

     How secure is the Therapist in the athlete's FULL recovery upon       session expiration?



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