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Youth (ages 6-9)

 Minions Sports Class

PSA's Custom Evaluation Process™
  • Identify Mechanical Flaws in Running Form

  • Target Muscle Flexibility Imbalances

  • Uncover Limits in Range of Motion

  • Find Strength & Power Deficiencies

Antonio's Anatomy of Sprinting™
  • Learn How Each Part Contributes

  • Learn Proper Form From Head to Toe

  • Understand Differences Between Quick & Fast

  • Discover To Be Faster While Using Less Energy

  • See Noticeable Improvements The First Day

Unmatched Results

(click to see average improvements)

  • Learn Advanced Physics Taught at an Elementary Level

  • Understand Why People Succeed and Over Come Challenges

  • Discover What Steps You Need to do to Improve

  • How To Incorporate What You Learn Into Sports


The animated characters called "Minion's" are the registered trademarks of Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment.

Intermediate (ages 10+)

Total Sports Academy

The Academy Level Training Program is designed for for athletes who preparing for the next level. This "Learn It by Doing It" class is a perfect blend of education & activity built to help athletes learn good habits in the classroom, tryouts, practices and even the dinner table.

Classes Includes
  • Performance Evaluation Pre Test

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Video Analysis (Running Mechanics & ACL Risk Management)

  • Strength Training / Explosive Power / Dynamic Core

  • Sports Mental Coaching

  • Performance Evaluation Post Test

  • 2 or 3 Days per Week

Scholarship Seeker

 Ultimate Warrior


The Ultimate Warrior Training System is specially designed for for athletes who have a non-compromising work ethic and a unyielding drive to become an elite level competitor.

Annual commitment required including at least one Ultimate Warrior Camp per year.

Created only for athletes who:
A) Want to be the best, become starters as freshmen in high school & college (90% have)*
B) Want to make the top travel & club teams even National teams. (97% have)*
C) They strive to earn awards such as MVP & All-Area & are highly motivated by nature. (93% have)*
D) Use PSAUW program as in investment toward scholarships, endorsements & pro contracts (93% have)*

Enrollment Limited to 20 Athletes for Ages 14 & Up.

* Percentages based on an average of 3 years participation in the PSAUW program.


SAMPLE Class Training Schedule
What PSA Offers

Performance Training Part I

  • Classroom Based Mental Perspective Coaching

Performance Training Part II

  • Agility, Quickness, Reaction, Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Video Analysis (Sprint Form & ACL Risk Management

  • Position Specific Skills / Conditioning

  • Strength Training / Explosive Power / Dynamic Core

Performance Training Part III

  • Physical & Nutritional Recovery

  • Balance & Body Control

  • Joint & Structural Stability

  • Closing Lessons

  • Training or Mental Homework Assignments

Why PSA Offers It


Sports Academy Summer Camp

Introducing the Annual Total Sports Academy Camp!

The Academy Day Camps are offered in June, July and August.

The schedule is 9:30am - 3pm Monday thru Thursday and 9:30am - 11:30am on Friday)

It is a great way for athletes between the ages of 11-14 to test their stamina and conditioning.

This camp is for athletes aiming to make their first middle school, high school or U14 competitive travel teams.

NOTE: The maximum number allowed for each camp is 14

Ultimate Warrior Camp

The top sports performance summer camp in the nation will test
your resolve, mental toughness, stamina & athletic ability.
After completing this one-of-a-kind intensive there will be no doubt as to the athletic success to come in the fall.


Here is a typical day in the Ultimate Warrior Camp Experience.

1st Performance Movement Training Session
(Acceleration, Agility, Quickness, Reaction, Hand-Eye Coordination)

Sports Nutrition Based Lunch
(not included)

Video Analysis
(Sprint Mechanics & ACL Risk Management)

HydroSpeedTM Pool Training / Distance Run

Endurance Bike Ride / Certified Massage Therapy

Sport & Position Specific Skills Development

2nd Performance Training Session
(Strength, Power, Reaction, Explosiveness)


COACHES: Call 484-681-9861 or Email PSA to have Antonio Davis deliver a Pre-season Clinic at your team's practice or as a Mid-season tune up.


Antonio has created custom strength equipment & cutting edge teaching techniques that allow athletes to get stronger, but to also transfer that strength to their chosen sport.

Youth Minions Sports Class

The AQUA process (Agility, Quickness & Understanding Acceleration), is implemented in a way that highlights the fundamental nature of sports competition. It also helps reduce injuries by developing muscles that stabilize joints.

Intermediate Total Sports Academy

This class combines fitness & introductory strength training along with mild aerobic conditioning.

PSA uses research based techniques to create age, sport and gender appropriate programs to enhancing muscular development. PSA's custom strength training movements are developed by using a combination of custom made strength equipment and state-of-the-art training techniques.

Scholarship Seeker Ultimate Warrior

This is the most intense level. Ultimate Warrior is offered to athletes aspiring to make high level travel/club teams and /or athletic scholarships to college.

Athletes in this level represent the cornerstone of Antonio's career, with a great majority of these athletes having progressed to earn

  • National Team Honors
  • NCAA Athletic Scholarships
  • Professional Sports Contracts
  • Player of the Year
  • All-state
  • All area
  • Most Valuable Player

Over 93% of athletes have been offered high school & college scholarships totalling over $73 million dollars. Ultimate Warrior gives athletes the highest intensity level offered with more personal attention thus class sizes are going to be smaller. These athletes show an unyielding work ethic, poise under pressure and a commitment to training that only 2% of all athletes possess. Semi-Annual minimum registration required, annual registration preferred.


PSA's Weekly Night Lights is an exciting new group fitness class!
With nights for everyone ages 12 and up in a nightclub style setting.
Dance, exercise, sweat & have fun!

Athlete or Not This program will have you sprinting towards the mirror or finish line!

*Guest DJ's
*Exciting & Different
*Almost too Fun
*Strength Training
*Cardio set to music
*Prizes & Awards
*Cover Bands
* Lose Body Fat
* Manage Your Weight
*No Egos, No Judgements
*Extremely Affordable
* Great for All Fitness Levels


These sport specific, agility & quickness camps are designed to easily compliment the Premiere Sports Academy or Ultimate Warrior daily training classes. They can also be used to accent school and club practices without making the athlete sore or tired.

If You Are A School Or Club Team Coach Who Is Serious About Improving Your Team's Game Time Performance This Year, Choose To Have Your Team Attend This Cutting-Edge Training Program Held At The Premiere Sports Academy Centrally Located In King Of Prussia.

Antonio Davis's Last 110 Teams Have A Combined Record Of 164:12

Why Wonder If Your Athletes Are Training This Off Season? At PSA We Will Provide All You With Both Attendance & Progress Reports.

Did You Know?

Fall Sport Athletes Who Put Off Their Training Till August Actually Double Their Risk Of Getting Injured!
Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Start Getting Your Athletes In Shape. Team Performance Camps Start By Coach's RSVP